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Our online Classic Lash Extensions course created in partnership with Lash Bash Salon provides you with hands-on training with the most in depth theory this industry has to offer. Students who take our course go on to have successful careers in the lash industry.

Enjoy ongoing mentoring, coaching and support. You'll receive access to our private forum where you can network with other graduates and learn their tips and tricks for success.

Your subscription also includes direct email access to the instructor! Learn a highly in demand skill that can help you immediately. Lash extensions can be done full or part time. Our course provides you with access to our community of 200 working lash artists who have undergone our training. Our online community will provide you with feedback on your work, tips, tricks and even job placement.
Course Includes:

-Lifetime Access to Course Modules and Downloads
-Webinars and Video Modules that make learning lash extensions accessible and easy
-Direct email access to the instructor for real-time feedback
-Access to our private community of over 200 graduates that have successfully completed our courses
-Advanced Marketing and Business Development Tips to Grow Your Business from CEO & Founder of Lash Bash
-Job placement opportunities
-Bonus Content: Access to our modules on How to Maximize Instagram and Stay Booked & Busy

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Now is the time to learn a new lucrative skill and become your own boss. We equip you with the tools and business knowledge to start your own business plus you’re mentored by an actual business owner. Business consulting fees typically run in the thousands! For a small investment today you can begin the next amazing chapter in your life as a lash entrepreneur. Become the #girlboss you are meant to be!

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Student Reviews

5 star rating

Erin is an amazing teacher

Tinisee Buckman

This is my first time taking this course and I am so glad I chose Lash Bash the information is precise but not to wordy I love the slides thank you for creating such a course

This is my first time taking this course and I am so glad I chose Lash Bash the information is precise but not to wordy I love the slides thank you for creating such a course

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5 star rating

Alicia ( powernbeautylashes )

Alicia Vazquez

Hello ! My last journey has been wonderful so far I am still learning and progressing however I learned a lot of my great resources from this course. This course provides a lot of valuable information that is necessary to know for your clients las...

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Hello ! My last journey has been wonderful so far I am still learning and progressing however I learned a lot of my great resources from this course. This course provides a lot of valuable information that is necessary to know for your clients lash health. I learned you want to make sure your client has the healthiest lashes possible it makes it less time consuming with application, when they are full and healthy. I also did the Covid 19 Barbicide training and learned how to keep my clients and self safe during this Covid time. I am a proud esthetician and happy with my new life path. Also I started working in a beauty bar part-time providing waxing and lash services, and ya girl is doing her thing lol!

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5 star rating

Become a Lash Boss: Lash Extensions 101!

Carmen Moreno

It was a wonderful course, loved it.

It was a wonderful course, loved it.

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Students Love Our Courses!

For more reviews from former students visit

“I had such a great time at my lash class with Lash Bash. Erin was a wonderful teacher. She was thorough and since the class was small I was able to receive the attention I needed. She frequently checked my work to see how I was progressing but I never felt like she was hovering over me. By the end of the class, I left feeling confident in my ability to practice on my own. Erin also told us to stay connected and we could contact her with any further questions as needed. I am really glad I came to this class instead of others I had considered. I do not feel I would have had the same one-on-one training as well as the ability to reach out in the future that I received here. Thank you again! (Lash Bash Salon Yelp Review 10.24.17)”

Kelly C.

“Thank you so much for taking the time and educating me on how I can grow my business as well as how I can get better at my technique. I’m excited for the future. I was hesitant about taking an online lash course however yours was very beneficial!”

Alicia V.


Included with purchase!

Included in your purchase is our complimentary module on how to make the MOST of your instagram page. You'll learn all of our top secrets on how to stay booked & busy!


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The Lash Experts.

This course was developed by the Industry Leaders in Lash Salons & Lash Extensions. Click here to learn more!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome, Introduction & Meet Your Instructor!

    • Your Instructor Contact Info!

  • 2

    The History of Lash Extensions

    • Lashes from 1916 and Beyond

  • 3

    Eyelash Function and Growth Cycle

    • Eyelash Function and Growth Cycle

  • 4

    Anatomy of the Human Eye, Key Parts of The Eye and Blinking

    • The Human Eye and Blinking

    • Common Eye Infections

    • Eye Infections Con't

  • 5

    Safety & Sanitation

    • Safety & Sanitation. How to Sanitize Your Tweezers

  • 6

    The Wonderful World of Lashes: Types of Lash Extensions, Curls and Diameters

    • Types of Lash Extensions

    • Understanding Lash Extension Lengths

    • Understanding Lash Extension Curls

    • Understanding Lash Diameters

    • Weak vs. Strong Lashes

  • 7

    Client Consultations : Waiver & Patch Test

    • Client Consultation & Patch Test

    • Lash Extension Waiver (For Download and Use)

    • About Your Client Release Form (Waiver)

  • 8

    Lash Extension Tools & Supplies

    • Tools of the Trade: An explanation of Lash Extension Tools & Supplies

    • What's In My Kit?

  • 9

    Lash Extension Placement

    • How and Where to Place The Lash Extension

    • How to Isolate a Lash

    • What To Do About Hard To Reach Natural Lashes

    • How To Properly Brush Lash Extensions

  • 10

    Adhesive: Understanding Adhesives & Key Ingredients

    • Adhesive & Key Ingredients

    • Allergic Reactions: Causes & Remedies

  • 11

    Lash Extension Shapes, Styles & Mapping

    • Shapes, Styles and Lash Mapping

    • BONUS CONTENT: Lash Extension Style Guide (For Download)

    • How To Place Under Eye Pads

    • How To: Lash Taping

  • 12

    The Lash Application Technique: Step by Step

    • Lash Application Technique Step by Step

    • After-Care Instructions

    • How to Do A Refill

  • 13

    Covid-19 Safety

    • Covid-19 Barbicide Certification

  • 14

    Marketing Your New Lash Business

    • Marketing Your New Lash Business

    • BONUS: How to Maximize Instagram and Stay Booked & Busy!

    • BONUS: How To Set-Up Your Lash Room + Item List

    • BONUS: Lash Room: Item Purchase List w/ Links!

  • 15

    Final Assessment Exam & Submit Your Work for Validation & Certificate

    • Submit Your Full-Set For Review

    • Final Assessment Exam

    • Schedule Your 30 min One-On-One Zoom Call W/ Lash Bash Founder

  • 16

    BONUS: Social Media Planning Worksheet

    • Bonus: Social Media Planning Worksheet

Meet Your Instructor

Erin B


Erin is a lifestyle expert who has merged her background in luxury hospitality with her passion for makeup into a successful lash & beauty brand. She’s the CEO and owner of Lash Bash and has a passion for lashes, beauty, the latest trends and helping mentor women to become beautypreneurs and #girlbosses! Erin has trained over 300 students in her Lash Extension courses and is excited to share her knowledge with the world! A licensed esthetician and a graduate of an ivy league school her vast expertise will guide you to success and excellence. To learn more about her biz please visit

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We're constantly updating our library of videos and worksheets so you continue to get the most out of your course!


  • When does this course start and finish?

    You can start the first module as soon as you register and take as long or as little as you want to work through the material.

  • How long do I have to access the materials?

    You'll have lifetime access to the course you purchased.

  • Do I need to purchase the kit?

    No, we created 2 prices for the course one that includes a full lash kit and one that does not.

  • How many students have been trained?

    We've trained over 200 students. For more student testimonials visit

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Unfortunately due to the online nature of the course we do not offer refunds. But we do pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction.

  • I have additional questions before I purchase who can I contact?

    Please email us at [email protected] and we're happy to help!

  • I purchased the course with the kit how do I receive the kit?

    After purchasing the course option that includes a kit you will immediately see a form website where you can enter your address for shipping.

  • What does the lash kit include?

    A kit with these items is typically over $200! Your custom lash kit includes:
    4 trays of Salon Professional Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions (.15 and .2 Thickness)
    1 Xtra Strength Adhesive
    1 Cream Glue Remover
    2 Tweezers ( 1Extra Long Precision Point Tweezer, 5.5″ & 1 Angular Handle Tweezer, 5.5”)
    1 Lash Shampoo
    1 Jade Stone
    1 Glass Lash Tile
    1 Air Dryer
    Eye Gel Patches, 10 pairs
    10 Mascara Wands/Disposable Eyelash Spoolies
    10 Microswabs
    3M Micropore Tape ½” – 1 roll
    Under Eye Pads with Guide (7)
    Glue Holder Palette Stickers (30 piece)
    Glue Cleaning Cotton
    1 Mannequin Head
    *kit contents can vary

  • What is required to pass the course? Do I receive a paper certificate?

    After completing all slides and passing a test included at the completion of the course you must submit photos and/or video of a full set of lashes you’ve completed. We will provide feedback on your work and your digital certificate! A paper certificate is available upon request.

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